What types of warm-up activities should i do before a workout?

Start marching on the spot and then march forwards and backwards. That’s okay — the reason I love jumping jacks is that they train all four limbs at the same time and make you jump around. If you’re someone who wants to complete a program that’s tailored to their life, situation, and goals, check out our popular 1-on-1 coaching program. So when choosing which movements you want to do during your warm-up, stick to the ones that most closely match what you’ll be doing during your training session.

Bodyweight squats, for example, are great as a warm-up move for barbell squats, while banded rows help you connect with your back muscles before doing exercises like barbell rowing. Try these 10 warm-up exercises before your next workout. Bodyweight squats help warm up your glutes and hip flexors, quadriceps, abs, calves, and hamstrings. Bodyweight squats are a great warm-up if you want to do grueling squats during a workout.

Because squats are a compound, full-body movement, they help warm up multiple muscles at once and prepare the central nervous system for work. The 90-90 movement helps open the hips through internal and external rotation. While this movement may look like a passive stretch, it’s actually an active movement that also stretches the glutes. The birddog exercise is great for warming up your abs and lower back.

This movement activates the core muscles that support your spine to prepare for your workout. Your glutes and hip flexors will also benefit from this movement. Movements performed on the back of your body are sometimes difficult to really feel. The connection between mind and muscle is crucial for results and the right form.

Performing a banded row can activate your back muscles. Banded rows also warm up your shoulder joints and shoulder blades. When it’s time for your workout and you’re doing heavy weight training (with barbells or dumbbells), make sure you do a few warm-up sets before you start each exercise with the weight you’re going to be training with. Nerd Fitness Journey takes you on an adventure that tells you exactly when to work out, when to warm up, and when you should rest.

Kristine has focused on health and wellness in her editorial career. This includes working with certified trainers to develop workout routines, report on fitness trends, and interview experts about the latest health and wellness research. Dynamic warm-up can help build strength, mobility, and coordination, all of which can help improve your exercise performance.

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