What are some popular food recipes?

Spicy chicken broth, crispy minced onions, earthy mushrooms, and savory spices combine to create the most perfect chicken dish ever. Recipe creator Faith recommends serving this dish with mushroom rice and asparagus to really take this dish to the next level. This Johnny Marzetti casserole is a first-class dish that you simply won’t get enough of. With tender rotini noodles, zesty ground beef, and delicious vegetables, this recipe is not only bursting with flavor, but is also the perfect winter dish to make.

Although the namesake of this ultra-creamy cheesecake was shut down back in the 70s, the recipe lives on and proves that good recipes never die. If you’ve made it this far, you deserve to know which recipe Epicurious readers are looking for the most, of all the most popular recipes on the site.

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