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Hand-Tossed Pizza Crust


I’ll admit that pizza dough was something I’d never be able to make, especially in less than 30 minutes. However, this simple recipe for hand-tossed pizza dough has become a weekly staple in my household- Thursdays are pizza night. In my video, you will find that I use a stand […]

Garden Pasta Salad
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Summer Garden Pasta Salad


I think that one of the best dishes served at a summer picnic is the pasta salad- full of cuisine options and the recipes are limitless. I Like to go for more of an Italian flavor using any protein on hand like chicken, shrimp, or pepperoni with Italian cheeses and […]

Easy to Make Jerk Chicken
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Easy-to-Make Jerk Chicken Wings


One of the best discoveries during my foodie journey was visiting Jamaica and seeing the Walkerswood jerk seasoning marinade in the nearby tourist shops. I purchased a few jars and some seasonings excited to bring them back to the states. After trying my original purchase, I was  to find this delicious, […]

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Fresh Pink Salmon Croquettes


The best part of my childhood will always be the time I spent at my grandparents’ home during the summer. It was routine to wait until my grandmother to wake so she could make my ultimate favorite breakfast dish: salmon croquettes. Whether they were served for breakfast with grits or […]