Can vegetarians follow a paleo diet?

If you’re wondering whether vegans, vegetarians, and vegetarians can follow a Paleo diet plan, the answer is simple — it’s possible. However, with the Pegan diet or plant-based Paleo, you need to review your health goals first. The Paleo diet is by no means vegetarian. It’s high in protein and fat, and as we’ll see, most common vegetarian protein sources are taboo.

So that completely excludes the diet for vegetables, right? Well, not exactly. The Paleo diet is possible if you’re vegetarian — it just includes some clever and creative eating plans and occasionally circumventing the rules. Add plenty of greens to your diet. I make green soup every other day and on the remaining days I make either carrot, tomato, pumpkin or mushroom soup.

I also add some vegetables to my cauliflower rice every two days. If you initially assumed that it was impossible to be Paleo and vegan at the same time, you’re part of a significant percentage of health enthusiasts who are still puzzled. If readers of your blog are vegetarian (or are thinking about becoming one) only because of the terrible conditions in the United States meat industry, they should consider buying only free-range and grass-fed instead. If you think you need a more sustainable diet that you can stick to indefinitely, and not the typical and short-term ones, then you should practice the Pegan Diet.

Coconut is acceptable for all diets I know of, and if there’s a problem with the store-bought, more processed version, you can simply mix a can of raw organic coconut milk with water at home and put it in the fridge. It is clear that the human population has exploded since grain was grown as a staple food, but I’m not sure whether grain prices are good for us. The most common reason for adapting to a vegetarian lifestyle is almost like vegans, primarily for religious or personal reasons and ethical reasons such as protecting animal rights. I can’t speak for Palaeos per se because I follow the Primal Blueprint, which is similar but not the same.

I lost 90 pounds, about half of it with Paleo and the first half with Ye Olde Portion Control and Exercise (minus junk food). Ancient seeds like buckwheat and amaranth are also great for adding grain-like fiber to your diet. As much bad press as the Atkins diet had, I believe it was successful for many people because it followed some of these principles. To stay Paleo, vegetarians can eat eggs and possibly organic cheese, provided there are no dietary issues.

The hardest part is that every major vegan protein source is off limits on a strict Paleo diet. As long as you maintain an adaptable and playful approach to your food, it is possible to incorporate elements from both diets. I basically ate vegetables, lots and lots of greens and vegetable juices and smoothies, grains like quinoa, free range chicken from time to time, nuts and nut butters, chia seeds, and everything that’s considered healthy for everyone.

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