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Booked and Busy

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“Be very careful, then, how you live—
not as unwise but as wise, making the most of every opportunity, because the days are evil.
Therefore do not be foolish, but understand what the Lord’s will is.”

(Ephesians 5:15-17)

I mean, we see it everywhere. Empowerment series, social media campaigns, t-shirts, graphics, it’s EVERYWHERE! But how fun is “Booked and Busy” if your time is spent aimlessly working to beat the time clock but not truly living? But as I sat in Sunday Service after a season of depression, my pastor spoke these powerful words that made me wake from that season and in the words of good sis, Ciara… level up.”

If the enemy can’t hold you back, he’ll make you busy

I’d begin to let the devil distract from the destiny God had planned for me, in other words, my purpose. I spent all of my time living the Mimosas and Migos “Bad and Boujee” lifestyle until the delayed pain of regret took over and I found myself repairing more than I could prepare for what God had next. I spent each second of my “busy” lifestyle feeding into every opportunity rather than letting those opportunities transform me with relevance, profit, and life.


It was month two of the unpaid internship I last-minute accepted. I’d keep telling myself that working with the president would make me look way better than working for some small community health project. It was Summer five of my non-profit, continuing to waste grant money on half-planned curriculum sounded way better than taking a break to develop a solid team and plan. It was several months in of pouring into other because of the potential they lacked to see but I saw so vividly. On top of all of this, I’d decided to study for a test I knew I was not ready for.


There are sixty minutes in an hour, twenty-four hours in a day, thirty days in a month. 

You do the math.

How much time had I spent being “Booked and Busy” rather than “Purposefully Balanced”? It was mid-July and I was finishing up my dream unpaid internship where I worked my butt off daily, driving thirty minutes to work because I knew this would help me get the boost I needed in my career. I had just announced the cancellation of any 2018 for my non-profit organization because I simply could not handle it all of my own anymore. I’d encountered another failed situationship. I WAS TIRED! I was drained. I was broke. It was time to let go of the “booked and busy” life I had become obsessed with. I’d done one of the most self-sabotaging actings ever; I’d began working in my own strength instead of what God. I felt powerless. I felt discouraged. I began to hate all of the things that were so special to my purpose here on earth.

For the first part of my new season, I spent my time perfecting my brand launch for Millennial Meets Stove and worked more on social media for Elle, the Foodie. I left my internship to focus on graduate prerequisites. I’d become free at last but worried about what was next. Yes, I’d started focusing on my passions. However, I was D E A D  B R O K E. Let’s not even discuss my new change of heart and determining that marriage and children didn’t define my life. Even though I was experiencing all of this new change, I knew that I would have to let God have His way in my life. I stay focus and stuck to the plan. Faith is what brought me through.

I’d finally landed a job! Decent company, great pay for a recent graduate (especially for one working 40 hours a week for free), it was not far from home. There was just one thing, I spent my second day of on-boarding crying in the employee bathroom because I’d known I made the wrong decision. But God told me, “keep tight, I’m still working”  I prayed for guidance and the ability to let my light shine through my work because I knew it would take God to get me through this hurdle. Eventually, everything started working in my favor. My obedience had finally paid off and blessings that I hadn’t even prayed for, were falling in my lap. I’d fully accepted my assignment and launched my blog in authenticity, hosted a successful event and my career blossomed with new opportunities soon to come.

The reason I’m sharing is that I want to share the biggest lesson learned during this journey. You never know you’re in a storm until it was over. My faith was tested may of times but my obedience granted me favor in ways never imagined. Many times were are so concerned with what we think our lives should resemble, we lose focus on God’s plan. Before our creation, He knew what it would take for our lives to blossom and be a vessel of His grace.


If you’re in this season, please wait for God before making the next step. You may feel grown. You may think you know what is needed. But the results of your obedience will have you speechless. Trust me. 

I hope this message helps someone struggling with these same problems.

Your time is coming. Just remember to stop and listen to what God is showing you in the present.


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