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Red Lobster Pasta Dupe
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Red Lobster Fettuccine Dupe


    Let’s be honest, jarred alfredo sauce should be a blast from the past in 2020. I’ve tried so many different ways to create alfredo sauce and all of them have such personalities of their own. Who in the hell thought to add cream cheese? You’re amazing, honestly. However, […]

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Homemade Roasted Tomato Sauce


          I LOVE making spaghetti. During undergrad, I’d made the biggest pot of it and my pledge brothers and I would eat for days. As I decided to birth my home cook capabilities, I was interested in how in the world to get away from the […]

Vegan Mashed Sweet Potatoes
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Vegan Mashed Sweet Potatoes


        During the quarantine, I started cooking weekly meals for an older man who is vegan and was recovering from COVID. He orders mashed sweet potatoes every other week and I love it because I get to save myself a small bowl to snack on during cooking. […]

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Brown Butter Scallop Linguine


    *This is a paid post sponsored by Bloomscape. The blog post and recipe are my own* Let me tell you… if cooking scallops perfectly intimidate you- you are not the only one. I’ve watched plenty of chefs get thrashed on Chopped and MasterChef for overcooking scallops during the […]


Non-Dairy Zuppa Toscana Soup


        *This is a paid post sponsored by Bloomscape. The blog post and recipe are my own* Recently, I started a non-dairy journey after battling gastrointestinal-related health problems.  I can be honest and say that I was not looking forward to it, my favorite dishes include cheeses, […]

Spatchcock Chicken

Spatchcock Chicken with Lemon Thyme Butter


  *This is a paid post sponsored by Bloomscape. The blog post and recipe are my own*   When first learning to cook, cooking whole birds seemed very intimidating. In fact, I didn’t even try in the first year of cooking. Using the spatchcock technique for baking or roasting chicken […]

Brioche French Toast
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Brioche French Toast


    French toast is one of the greatest breakfast meals in my opinion. It is so fun to play with different varieties bread and add different flavor profiles. This recipe is for a classic, french toast made with brioche bread and egg custard to create a pillowy middle. When […]